About Aqtra

Aqtra Platform is the result of 15 years of experience in implementing IT projects for clients in a variety of sectors and sizes. Today, more than 500,000 users enjoy the products created with Aqtra Platform.

Versatile development tool

Our Story

We created Aqtra Platform because we had stumbled on the ceiling of development by traditional means. Corporate application development should not become an unmanageable process of burning through budgets. Development time should be shortened and the reliability and consistency of the result increased. We have made the Aqtra Low-Code Application Platform for this.

Aqtra Platform offers the vay to design, build and publish crossplatform applications in one progresive studio.
Aqtra offers solutions for all sizes and uses.

Quick Launch

It takes less then 1 hour to start building applications. Aqtra platform avilable in variety of infrastructers: on premise, cloud and hybrid.


We use the most modern technology stack in the platform. A flexible infrastructure on Kubernetes clusters, a microservice architecture and many other features guarantee the reliability, scalability and efficiency of the platform.

Now what’s in it for you?

Business applications

Build applications for your business: supplier portal, mobile telecom cabinet, unique CRM, credit pipeline, staff training portal and whatever else you need.

Integrated automation

Consolidate all the it solutions of your business, create a single legacy data layer. Manage your workflows as you need them. Set up role-based policies for all staff and publish the application.

Сontinuous IT transformation

Form a compact low-code development team for continuous improvement of business processes. Quickly prototype new ideas and instantly move from prototype to production without conflicts with existing applications.