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Type of partner
Sell the Aqtra platform

Sell ready-made solutions on Aqtra on deployment, integration and maintenance

Use methodological and commercial vendor support
Business Partner
Distribution of low-code platform and solutions
Perform automation projects for your customers with Aqtra

Transmit successful solutions

Earn from implementation, integration, maintenance and development of your solutions

Create independent industry products
Technology Partner
Create and implement your own solutions on Aqtra Platform for your accounts
Train the developers

Get certified

Perform development for clients all over the world
Developer Partner
Form and develop a team of low-code developers

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You can become a successful Aqtra partner if You
  • Distribute software to business

  • Develop software

  • Are IT-vendor franchisee

  • Are web-development studio

  • Are business automation adviser

  • Implement CRM, ERP and other automation products

  • Integrate complex systems and software

  • Love modern IT technologies
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