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Coursely is a no-code template for online instructors, trainers, and aspiring edupreneurs suitable for creating an online course platform similar to Udemy. It’s an online learning and course platform that offers the opportunity to learn or create, and sell online courses.

Coursely is a marketplace, where instructor’s course is a part of a catalog. Instructors can offer as many courses as they like, with various pricing options. Coursely helps the instructors and edupreneurs build a vibrant, active paid community around their online course.

Students can take a single class to dive deeply into a particular topic or enrol in a few courses to gain comprehensive knowledge of an area of study.
The app has a responsive design, so any learner can engage in education from anywhere, at any time.



Landing page


Responsive design


Payments powered by Stripe


Admin dashboard


Messaging system

User types description:

Create a video course



Platform owner

Add lectures

Publish a video course

Sell a video course

Send a message to the Student

Enrol in a course or a few as Student

Enrol in a course or a few

Become an Instructor

Publish a video course

Sell a video course

Send a message to the Instructor

Manages the platform users

Approves classes before they become public

Manages the courses added

Sets the platform fee, %

Our Coursely Lite template benefits include:

Save thousands of dollars compared to having it developed with traditional coding. Our no-code developers have also ensured the best possible quality when creating this template.

Reduce design and development time to a fraction of what it would take to have it coded.

Launch almost immediately (some Bubble knowledge is required). If you need to learn more about Bubble, take a look at our Bubble Courses.

Template FAQ

Is it possible to combine a few templates together?
It's doable and still easier than creating from scratch. Copying visual elements is simple, but copy-pasting workflows would require manual manipulation because they are tied to database structure, and even if you recreate the same database structure Bubble won't automatically match the new DB fields and would show an error so you would need to manually reconcile each occurrence where it doesn't see the DB field. The same would have to be done with visual elements that refer to the DB in the data source or in the conditional formatting tab.
How to start building an app after purchasing Zeroqode template?
- Once you have successfully purchased the template - it will be available for you at Bubble dashboard. You can create as many applications using this template as you need (not for resale as templates).
- Once you are at Bubble simply click on “New App”, type the name of your app and choose the purchased template from a dropdown list.
- Once you are in the app via Editor you can customize the logo, language, and pretty much anything you need within the app to make it work as you want it to. 
What's the difference between Standard and Developer license?
If you’d like to build client apps based on this template, please purchase the Developer license - it would allow you to build unlimited apps for any of your client projects (but not for resale as a template). 

The Standard template license allows creating applications only for your own use (business or personal) and cannot be used for creating applications for third parties. In case of failure to comply Bubble reserves the right to delete the incompliant applications on short notice. Learn more about Bubble template licenses

What platform this template is built on?
This template is built without code on Bubble - the most advanced visual programming platform that allows creating web and mobile apps up to 10 times faster and easier. When you buy a template, you receive the Bubble app configuration which you can then customize through the Bubble visual editor.

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