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Low-code developer
In this position you will configure applications using the Aqtra low-code application platform. Training in Aqtra Platform is an integral part of onboarding.


Tbilisi: office or partly remote

Working schedule:


Job Requirements
  • Higher IT or technical education
  • Knowledge of Agro (GitOps) - level for searching errors in logs
  • Knowledge of Web application principles (HTML, JavaScript, CSS).
  • Knowledge of data storage model of one of the industrial databases: MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Business process domain model skills (ability to partition a business process into data models and link them by attributes)
  • Not less than 1 year of professional Python programming (training experience not considered)
  • Intermediate level API / Postman / Swagger

Will be an Advantage
  • Experience in developing and configuring information systems
  • Experience in database structure design
  • Experience in developing / configuring integration scenarios (REST, SOAP, etc.).

Job Responsibilities
  • Customer requirements gathering and analyzing
  • Configuring applications using the Aqtra Platform
  • Low-code platform set-up
  • Training and mentoring the team of customer developers